Can Being A Nerd Suck?

Hi everyone!

So, as I know that there are many of you (me included) who do exams right now, I thought that I would do a little post for people that are (like me) nerds.

As the title suggests yes, it can suck and it can get bloody hard sometimes.

I am a nerd, I have to know everything on the test and am dessapointed when I get worse grade than B. But this has been planted in me for many years and it has become something not so positive and ambitious but more like an illness and obsession.

There have been numerous of different times when I was sitting at the table doing Maths for almost an hour and a half drowning myself in all the x, y and zeds only to get a better mark. At the end of last year I was probably the most stressed I have ever been in my whole life. I wanted to get them great marks so much I had forgotten that there are more important things in life than school, knowledge and tests that I write for a mark A.

Mixed with some friend issues I became a machine more than a living, breathing, life-enjoying person. I got ill because it all just got too much.

And then it all got worse and worse with everyday I was at school. My tests, despite the fact that I have been studying and revising for so long just weren’t right. Nothing was going right. I was sad, felt isolated and most of all anxious and like a grand rabbit was laying on my chest. I wanted to do my hobbies but I felt like I couldn’t.

I was so determined to chase them good marks that I just stopped being myself and it wasn’t even worth it at the end.

That was when set myself a goal to stop.

Than a few weeks later I stopped pushing myself too hard. And guess what? I made it. Everything was going right again. Because I freed myself from the pressure and most of all I realised that school cannot overtake my personal life, health nor my friendships.

To this day I haven’t achived a point where I would be totally happy with myself. For example today I didn’t have to learn but I felt so bad not learning that I had to told myself of for even thinking about learning. It is like a weird rehab for even stranger obsession!

What I wanted to say here is that grades are not the most important thing in the whole life. There are more important things – personal life, friendships, your hobbies. And even though you want to know everything and be the best at your class you don’t have to be. Take it easy. Because we spend the majority of our life studying, so let’s make sure it will be pleasant.

Because even Hermione realised that there are more important things in life than books and cleverness.

And at the end good luck with your GCSE exams and all the other exams!

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Katerina xxx


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