Wardrobe essentials // Cullottes 

Hi everyone!

Todays is another outfit post day! As this is something I love doing (apart of me trying to pose and people creeping at me) I thought that it would only be right to make another one. So there you have it!

The first outfit is probably the simplest of them all. And also the darkest… I think you can get by now that I go Back to Black all the time and even though I try a lot I can’t help to slip to the darker tones.

Outfit number two consists of dungarees (groundbreaking😂) and a shirt! This is probably one the most me outfits. I love this cullottes because they are floaty and even though they are made of denim they can keep you actually quite cold at summer time.

This is my favourite outfit of them all. No only it is the comfiest but is also my lucky outfit (I came second in the country round of the French conversational competition) I also feel very pretty and me in it. I feel like even though there are only two colours and it is simple I stand out.

And last but by no means least is this outfit. I am Obsessed with grey jumpers and hoodies so I couldn’t not put it in here. It looks very effortless but very well put together. And that’s what I LOVE.

At the end I would love to say why I love cullottes so much and why I think they should be in everyone’s wardrobe.

Cullottes are amazing for many reasons – they are floaty but long so when it’s colder you won’t get freezing cold and when it’s humid and hot you won’t get too hot. They go with absolutely everything you can imagine, from shirts to basic Tees and hoodies. You can’t look fat in them. 

The last reason is a little irrational that’s why I’m giving it a solo paragraph. I don’t want to go to too much detail about my love for Asian womans style but they are just the best. (Maybe I am going to make an article about it later). When you walk in the street there isn’t any Asian woman that wouldn’t look good. And that’s where I got the idea and obsession for cullottes. Because they wear them all the time and every time it looks stunning. So next time you walk on the street notice them please. You’ll be surprised what gems they are.

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Katerina xxx 


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