How Can Music Do This?

Do you remember? Do you remember the breeze, how you swing on the swing when the sun was setting? How we danced at a festival, our hearts beat together in the same rhythm and for that one moment we were one?
Do you remember the cold so necessary on our faces and the dark lightened by the stars. How when we couldn’t sleep we had to leave the window wide open and we chatted hours until we were so tired that one of us fell asleep?

Those are the memories. These are the ones that I imagine and see in my head when I listen to a Spotify playlist called Timber. The songs, biggest hits of 2013/14 just make me feel what I had felt, make me smell what I had smelled at that time. 

How, how can it do it? How can music makes us feel, sense everything we sensed, lived through? No matter what period of life I went through I don’t need photos, videos or papers to relive the memories. 

Music is my little time machine. I can go back in time whenever I want. And that is crazy. Crazy good. But scary. How can our head feel, smell even see the things we saw in the past?

And so to the beats of the song Wasted by tie to I ask you, do you feel the same? Does it happen to you? If why what songs are the ones that do make you feel a little bit back in time traveling?

Bye bye,

Katerina xxx 


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