My 5 Favourite Bloggers

Hi everyone!
Todays blog post will be dedicated to the ones I look up to and admire for their word magic – my fave bloggers.

Courtzbella – This blogger is the closest to my age and her blogs is just amazing. Not only she speaks about so many important mental health issues that some of us have to deal with but she is also so positive and just strong. And her grammar and language is on point (the nerd inside me speaking).

Poppy Deyes – This woman is just so so so brilliant and funny. I love her to bits. Her foodie blog post with photos that make you drool and outfits full of stripes are just the best. Go on woman!

Rosinaleee – This is a blogger I’ve discover lately. She has so many ideas when it comes to blog posts and that makes me always so determined and inspired. Her photos are just lush and so is her blog. Just wonders.

Kenza Sadoun El Glaoui – I don’t have to ramble too much about this angel. A Parisienne with style. A person who knows what they’re doing.  Just brilliant.

Zoella – I don’t think I have to say much about this woman. She is completely work goals. Zoe has an amazing point of view. Always tryes to stay positive for us viewers and is so funny. Her vlogs despite the fact that they could beat a bloody documentary are awesome. And so is her blog. She doesn’t upload there as often as she used to but when she does upload it’s quite the something.

So that’s it for my 5 favourite bloggers of the moment!

Bye, Katerina xxx 


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