One Dungarees 4 Outfits // Obsessed With White

Hi everyone!

Todays is going to be a bit different. 

In the morning I decided that I want to get out and shoot some pictures of my favourite outfits, and as it gets a little bit warmer each and every day I wanted share with you four of my favourite outfits. All featuring my favourite pair of white dungarees. 

So here we go….

First outfit is probably the most laid back and chilled. All I did there is put on a basic grey t-shirt I think everyone should have on their closet because is goes with absolutely everything. And to add a little bit of something interesting I added a bold shoe. These sneakers are oh so comfortable and totally worth mentioning. And after all they are orange!

Outfit numéro dos is a little bit like boyish-style-meets-a-romantic-princess kind of thing. It’s romantic but oversized and still looks and really put together. Even though it has a little bit of boyfriend vibe to it. And the embroidery on the shirt is just lush😇

Outfit number three is probably one of my fave one. This is an all in white number. It is simple but the kind of thing that people recognise and admire. My favourite part of this outfit are the shoes. The most comfortable and cosy pair of heavenly feet comforting things. I love them. A lot.

And last but not least outfit number four. This is a humid weather friendly outfit. That’s for sure. The thing I am most fond of is that you’re covered but bare at the same time. You’re showing a little bit of skin but it’s not vulgar. It’s just the right amount of fabric you need when it’s past 24 degrees (Celsius) and all you want to do is be right next to the swimming pool.

So that is it for today!

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Katerina xxx 


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