Scared Of A Job?

Hi everyone!

Todays post, even though a little late, is going to be about one of my fears.

Now, if you don’t know it, I’m 15 and I don’t come from a family that is rich. We aren’t necessarily poor, I don’t want to say that but we aren’t really rich either.
Today I was told to pay at the end of this month around 35ยฃ for books to French. And that is when you revert it to our currency a LOT.

To this my Mum told me to find a job. 

And that bloody scares me.

I don’t know why actually.  If it’s the fact I have to reach out to somebody and ask them for a good job or that I don’t want to work. Or that I don’t want to do any job and my dream job is to teach or work in a library/bookshop which is at my age unreachable.

However, it makes me anxious, scared like a baby and I can’t even really put my finger on why. 
And because of my moto: do more of what makes you scared (but in a good way) I decided to face it. And I am quite determined to at least try and perhaps I’m going to fail but if there’s a single possibility of finding a job and overcoming my fears at the same time I should 100% do it. 

Because maybe I will get a job and get to meet somebody amazing. Maybe it will give me more opportunities and most importantly even if I tried and failed I would have the experience and knowledge and gain self-confidence for doing more of what makes me “good” scared.

So if there’s anyone who reads this and goes through a similar time, don’t you worry we can face it. We must face it because then we’ll get stronger and at our age we don’t really have much to loose. Because even if it all went wrong we still have out family. 

Stay strong and try, try, tryyy๐ŸŽต

What would you do if you were me? Or are you going trough the same time?

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Katerina xoxo


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